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Waverlite API

Robust APIs for Developers

Waverlite was built with developers in mind. Give your application super powers with Waverlite API integration.

3D Secure Authentication

Waverlite uses 3D Secure Authentication to add an aditional layer of security by ensuring that all debit related requests made on your wallet actually originated from your server.

Customer profiles

Customer profiles are used to keep track of customer information. All API operations are attached to a customer profile for ease of access and audit.

Payouts, withdrawals, collections

Make requests to send and receive money from your customers in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Canada and over 50 countries via Waverlite's robust APIs.

Currency comparison and exchange

Get Waverlite's current exchange rates for currency pairs and incorporate this data into your app or exchange these currencies at the current rates via Waverlite's APIs.

Seamless payment reconciliation

Waverlite's APIs ensure that all pending or unsuccessful transactions are handled properly. This could either be through reversals or retries depending on the state of the transaction and configuration you set on your account.

Waverlite API Documentation

Read our official documentation and guides to start integrating Waverlite in your app.

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