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AML & KYC Policy

Waverlite AML & KYC Policy

Updated 7th Feb. 2022

Redbiller Technologies Inc. (Waverlite), is registered with the Financial Transactions Reports Analysis Centre of Canada ("FINTRAC") as a money service business and able to provide foreign exchange dealings and money transfer services to customers resident in Canada.

In accordance Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (“PCMLTFA” or the “Act”) and associated regulations. Waverlite has implemented a compliance program that includes:

  • Compliance officer: The appointment of a chief anti-money laundering officer to supervise the AML/KYC team
  • Compliance policies and procedures including AML/Compliance policy, Executing Know Your Customer (“KYC”) procedures, Ongoing monitoring and business relationship, Record keeping requirements, Transaction reporting requirements
  • Risk assessment to evaluate all risks related to money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Ongoing compliance training program for our AML/KYC Compliance team
  • Two-year effectiveness review of our Policy

For more information on our AML/KYC policy, please send an email to compliance@waverlite.email

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Redbiller Technologies Inc., Ontario Canada is registered and regularised by the Financial Transactions and Report Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) as a Money Service Business with registration number: M22065104.