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Instant Global Payments

Waverlite is the fastest way to send and receive money as an immigrant, student, freelancer or expanding business.

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What’s in for you? These and more:

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    Instant P2P transfers to 50+ countries—5 seconds or less

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    120+ gift cards from vendors worldwide

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    Airtime vouchers available in 120+ countries

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    19 and more currency wallets

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Pay and Get Paid

We Make Money Transfers Convenient and Instant

Buy gift cards and manage multiple local and digital currencies from one single platform

For Immigrants

Migrating to a new country is more fun when you don't have to worry about how to make payments. Waverlite helps immigrants send money from their home country to their resident country and vice versa instantly.

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Buy and send gift cards to friends and loyal customers

Get gift cards for all your favourite platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Ebay, Target and over 120 others for your loved ones or employees.

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Paying Suppliers Abroad Just Got Easier

With Waverlite, you can pay like a local wherever you are in the world.

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Built for freelancers

You'll never have to worry about getting paid by your international clients again. Just keep getting those gigs. We are here to help get your money. You've earned it!

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Expand to New Markets

Say goodbye to the difficulties of expanding to new markets. We help you expand to new markets by providing you with international payment methods. Now you can offer your international customers a simple way to pay you.

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Get Paid With International Receiving Accounts

Receive bank account numbers in CAD, USD, EUR, GBP and more. Get paid as easy as having a local bank

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Waverlite API Integration

Unleash the potential of Waverlite's APIs for efficient, secure, and convenient international payments for your business.

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For Exchanges

With Waverlite, exchanges can offer their users a fast and reliable payment solution that is secure and cost-effective.

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For Ecommerce

Don't let payments slow down your ecommerce business – choose Waverlite and experience the ease and convenience of secure online payments.

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Setting up Waverlite

How to set up Waverlite to start sending and receiving payments

Follow these 4 easy steps to get your account ready for seamless transactions

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    Create an account

    Provide basic information about yourself to help us know you better. It takes only about 3 minutes.

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    Verify your identity

    Verify your account by providing a valid government-issued ID and a few other information.

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    Fund your wallet

    Send money to your Waverlite wallet or receive from family and friends

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    Start sending

    Send money to Africa, Asia and Latin America from Canada instantly.

We Are Here

Waverlite is the fastest way to send and receive money as an immigrant, student, freelancer or expanding business.

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