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Global payments for ambitious businesses.

Waverlite empowers ambitious and global businesses to do cross-border transactions with ease️.

Global payouts, withdrawals and collections.

Power your business to send and receive money from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Canada and over 50 countries. Waverlite removes the limitations on your business's expansion.

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Direct deposits

With Waverlite, you can choose to send funds directly to your customer's local bank accounts if you want it that way. Waverlite is here to make it happen for you.

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Manage funds from multiple sources with Waverlite's sub-wallets. These sub-wallets can be linked to customer profiles. Managing multiple businesses has never been easier.

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Waverlite API

Unleash the potential of Waverlite's APIs for efficient, secure, and convenient international payments for your business. From payments and collections to customer profiles, currency exchange, and payment reconciliation, we've got you covered.

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